Dr. Martha Bergner earned her doctorate in chiropractic at Life Chiropractic College-West, graduating summa cum laude. She received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin in Medical Technology and a Master’s in Holistic Nutrition at Clayton College of Natural Health.

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She has completed Advanced II Level Training in NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), as well as earning an Associate designation in the International Association of Enzyme Nutrition. She has completed several advanced level seminars in Network Spinal Care and nutrition courses through the University of Arizona Program in Integrative Medicine.


Dr. Martha is freeing me from food allergies one step at a time using NAET. I did not think there was any help to be had in this area until I came to her. If you have allergies I strongly urge you to see her, and get back on the road to health.Gary F.
A miracle is happening – I am eliminating my allergies with NAET treatments. Other treatments had only brought some relief, so to completely eliminate allergies was more than I’d thought could happen. Because I had reacted to almost everything (foods, airborne inhalants, chemicals, medications, etc.) my life had been restricted in many ways. Because Dr. Bergner uses a great deal of intelligence when treating me, I have made a lot of progress. My congestion has dramatically decreased, I’ve been able to go off my 4-day food rotation diet and take supplements I previously couldn’t take.Jerine S.
My significant allergies of 20 years are improving greatly with NAET. I almost can’t believe how good I feel! Dr. Bergner’s calm, positive approach is great!Virginia L.
Any time I ate tomatoes, the palms of my hands would itch. Also, when I ate walnuts, my tongue would swell just enough to rub on my fillings and cause irritation. Also, sulfites in dried fruit and red wine would induce asthma type symptoms that at times were pretty scary. These symptoms were just how life was for me. When I realized that other foods could be affecting me in some other ways, I got very excited about the possibility of getting rid of even more nagging health things.I went through the food series in NAET and I no longer have any of these symptoms. I also got rid of an allergy to eggs that I didn’t realize I had – I thought I just didn’t like them. It turns out that my allergy to eggs was an emotional allergy by Dr. Martha’s test. She treated me and I eat them now with pleasure.I compete in triathlon races and so nutrition is very important to me. I have improved my health by 200% since seeing Dr. Martha and I highly recommend NAET.Marion C.
Wow, I can’t tell you how nice it is to eat eggs again! I found out, after years of headaches that I was allergic to eggs. BUT after two simple NAET treatments I am again enjoying eggs with no ill effects. This is wonderful because I am a gourmet cook!Paula D.