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Chiropractic Services

Chiropractic adjusting has been around for over 100 years. Traditionally it has focused on treating the causes of problems rather than the symptoms, based on the simple but powerful premise that a healthy and normally functioning nervous system allows our inborn, innate healing ability to function optimally. New techniques build on this truth. Science now recognizes that the physical exists as energy vibrations – energy and matter are interchangeable! The purpose of the new ways is to remove interferences, which prevent you from being in a state of dynamic adaptation with the environment, a necessary state in our times.

Network Spinal Analysis is the chiropractic system of choice at Desert Mountain Health Center. The meaning of the word “chiropractic” is “done by hand”. The benefits of chiropractic care can be experienced without twisting or cracking of joints, but with gentle contacts by hand. Most of the spinal problems that people experience originate in tension along the whole spinal system, namely the spinal cord itself. This tension is present due to physical, mental and/or emotional traumas from which we have not been able to recover fully. These effects are additive if not addressed and released, and eventually result in dysfunction and pain in some part. Although we feel that an accident or other event in life may have caused this pain, it is often the result of ongoing tensions that are finally at a level that we can no longer ignore. The body is crying out for help!

The contacts of Network adjusting help the body to greater self-awareness so that it gently releases or dissipates its own spinal cord tension. As the tension resolves, the structural misalignments also largely resolve. The nervous system’s memory is also allowed to clear past physical, emotional, chemical and mental traumas so the NOW can be experienced without the filter of old patterns. A clear nervous system allows you to express the magnitude of your potential!