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Newsletter: Spring 2006

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Why Should I Care About Enzymes?

Enzymes are the spark of life. They are the workers that make our bodies function; they are the driving force behind virtually every biochemical process that occurs in our bodies! Our bodies produce digestive enzymes, and metabolic enzymes that run all the other processes in our bodies’ cells.

Whenever raw food is eaten, the enzymes provided by Nature in the food itself help the body utilize the food by breaking it down to absorbable components. Any food that has been exposed to heat above 100 degrees F. (boiling is 212!) has almost no enzymes. In addition, most of our modern food has been hybridized and/or processed to contain as little enzyme activity as possible, to enable longer shelf life. Therefore, our bodies must produce the extra enzymes. This puts stress on the organs of digestion that must “rob” enzymes from the immune system to digest that food.

Digesting food is one of the most energy-consuming tasks performed by the human body. (Remember how groggy you feel after a large meal?) By eating raw, natural food as much as possible, we can relieve our bodies of that extra burden. Or we can take enzymes. The best and most useful enzymes are plant enzymes, tailored to the food we eat and to the strengths and weaknesses of our bodies.

Desert Mountain Health Center offers Enzyme Replacement Therapy. You can be tested and evaluated for your personal enzyme profile. Find out what particular digestive processes are optimal and sub-optimal in your body. This is done in two steps:

1. Homeostatic Challenge Testing
Examination before and after a measured meal reveals your body’s strengths and weaknesses.

2. 24-hour Urinalysis
A full day’s specimen is an excellent picture of the inner metabolic working of your cells. Proper analysis reveals a personal metabolic profile.

Ninety-five percent of all disease processes have taken place before you can see signs or symptoms of any disorder. During this “silent” time, metabolic processes are doing their best to keep you in balance. Chief among these processes are enzymes. A good enzyme analysis provides the earliest possible warning system available for the prevention of disease.